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Written by admin on May 13th, 2010

Modern, Traditional, Vintage, and Victorian Styles – For Vanity, Wall, and Ceiling

Kichler bathroom lights from ultra modern to antique and vintage, and Murray Feiss bathroom light designs for above the vanity or mounting to the wall or ceiling, are available online with prices starting under $100.

Shop for popular items like the Kichler brushed nickel bathroom lighting models in their Wall Sconce collections for under $80 or choose Murray Feiss bathroom light bars, with up to five lamps, for under $150. But where should you go to buy these and other great deals online?

Bathroom Light Fixture Shopping Online

During the past three months, while restoring an antique house (instead of saying a total ruin), when the bathroom finally began to take shape, and the power company granted permission to install electricity, I realized I had nothing but wires protruding from the wall above the vanity. I had to decide what style of bathroom lighting I desired. But since the main portion of my budget had been used for the construction, it seemed I would be forced to choose the light fixtures based on what I could afford instead of what reflected the rustic, wrought iron or bronze, Spanish country theme I had chosen. Disheartened, I began to search for affordable options online, and to my amazement found I could have my ideal semi-rustic semi-modern, antique style vanity bar for a fraction of the price local retailers were asking. And I didn’t have to settle for some cheap plastic or aluminum imitation but had a whole variety of high quality oil rubbed bronze models to choose from.

One of the designs that I found was through Lighting Direct, who had the Murray Feiss wrought iron Boulevard Collection starting at just over $100, and the long design that was over 48 inches wide, just over $200…I think about $230 or $240….and it would actually cover the entire span of the wall above the double vanity and sink area I had imagined would require two or more fixtures.

This illuminating experience got me thinking about how many of my internet readers, to whom I regularly give advice regarding wetroom construction, walk in shower designs and other decorating, designing and building tips, are also about to finish their bathroom renovation projects and need bathroom light fixtures to complete the job…and like me, may not have budgeted enough and are now feeling frustrated. So, I put together some ideas to help. Here’s what I found:

You can go directly to the official Kichler bathroom lights website and view their extensive line of products, and it’s really nicely laid out and super tantalizing….BUT, since they don’t sell directly online through their website, they don’t offer prices, so it’s a bit frustrating, especially if you fall in love with a design and have no idea if it’s within your budget. I found it was better to go to dealers like Lighting Direct, enter the names of lighting manufactures I knew had good quality, and then view a series of items within my budget. I found I could also do a search based on design aspects I wanted, like “rustic bathroom lights” which is what I hoped to find , and get only that style from a variety of companies. That lead me to discover that the best manufacturers for things like brass, antique, brushed nickel bathroom lighting, light bars and matching ceiling fan lights, all seemed to come from two main sources…..Kichler and Murray Feiss. Naturally I went directly to Murray Feiss as well, but some of the designs ended up being cheaper when bought through Lighting Direct.

Oh, by the way, Lighting Direct ships to the USA and Canada, and have lots of shipping choices, even if you need something in a rush….especially if you have a contractor or builder waiting for you to give him the fixture so the job can be finished on schedule. But, they have free ground shipping on orders over $49, so most of the bathroom lighting items you choose to get delivered will get sent for free (in the USA).

While doing my own research, I stumbled across some incredibly good buys that I’d like to show you and recommend. Here they are:

Bathroom Ceiling Light From $7 to $80

If you require basic bathroom ceiling lighting, you can get some amazing good deals through Lighting Direct. For example there’s a flush mount ceiling fixture for just $16 that features frosted glass in a melon style and decorative, antique style accents. Some of the customers who have bought this piece have commented that it is better in real life than in the photos, and one person used it when restoring an 80 year old building, and another in an antique home. By the way, it’s a quality Craftmade product, which is why it costs a little more than some others, but it really pays to choose good brands because bathrooms take a little more abuse, with humidity, than say a bedroom or living room.

Victorian Elegance

On the other extreme, I also found some gorgeous decorative designs that are rather more expensive, but strikingly unusual and well worth having a look at if you want something out of the ordinary. Some of the best antique and Victorian bathroom lights are just outrageously overpriced and not that unique, but the Elk Lighting design from the elegant Elizabethan collection is just $225 and offers ceiling lighting with a hint of chandelier….ideal for low ceilings in basement bathrooms or small areas where a single decorative feature will be more than enough. It comes in bronze or an ivory finish and has lead crystal accents and 3 lights.

Sea Gull Brushed Nickel Bathroom Lighting For Just $69

If you want something traditional or classic in a sleek brushed nickel finish, Sea Gull Lighting is a good name to keep in mind. Why? Because aside from great finishes, there are many styles to choose from, ranging from ultra modern, clean, crisp contemporary designs, to more traditional bathroom mirror lights that can be mounted on the wall, on either side of the vanity or mirror, or above. Their designs are practical and their prices affordable. They can also be ordered through Lighting Direct.

Suggestions For Lighting To Enhance a Wetroom or Walk In Shower Area

Since this site deals with how to create wetrooms and walk in showers with no doors or with just glass or a partial wall, we often suggest how to decorate, organize and accent such unique bathroom concepts. That’s why we’re decided to put together a few suggestions for bathroom light sconces and art deco bathroom light designs that go well with our other construction and décor suggestions.

Art Deco, Retro, Vintage

1. If you have a funky art deco or colorful glass design as a theme for your walk in shower area or wet room space, you can carry that concept through with one or two Quoizel stained glass wall sconce designs like the Tiffany in the Craftsman collection. For just under $155 you can have a light that’s a work of art; ideal in a wet room with geometric lines, glass doors/walls, perhaps an artsy glass vessel sink, or with a mosaic tile or curved glass-block half-wall that divides the shower area from the rest of the room.

Rustic, Antique / Classic Elegance

2. In the Billy Moon collection by Uttermost Lighting, there’s a gorgeous rustic design called the Joselyn Candle wall sconce, which has a tall pearlescent glass globe atop a simple, yet elegant, handcrafted bronze mounting. The item sells for about $148 and is a perfect accent for a stone, wood, or rustic style wetroom. It goes with our suggestions for copper sinks and bathroom vessel basins made from granite or natural materials.

We suggest that instead of using overhead or central lighting, you give your bath a soft touch with 4 to 6 wall sconces – two beside a vanity mirror and two, depending on the size of the bathroom, placed on stone pillars or wood walls to give a glow to the entire room.

Create soft radiance by placing lower wattage bulbs in the fixtures that are not directly beside the mirrors, and if possible, have the bathroom wiring designed so that you can turn on/off the mirror lights separately from the other ones that will be used for relaxation and not for applying makeup.

Home Walk In showers Offers More and More…

For suggestions on how to organize and decorate the rest of your bathroom, please consult related topics that recommend things like vessel sinks as an alternative to traditional white porcelain basins; farmhouse style copper sinks for wetrooms; bathroom sets that help eliminate clutter, and bathroom storage suggestions for making small baths more practical. We also have ideas on where to buy the best shower enclosures, and if you’re in the UK, where to buy the top electric shower units that will give you lots of instant hot water on demand.


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