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Written by admin on May 12th, 2010

Where To Shop Online For Copper Vessel Sink Designs in Hammered Copper, Farmhouse Styles, Apron Sink Models, Antique and Handcrafted Mexican Artistry

Buy handmade copper sinks, hammered basins, farmhouse apron styles, unusual bathroom vessel models, traditional Mexican designs, and antique replicas, starting at $99. We show you where to shop online, how much to pay and who delivers directly to your home.

Sizes, Styles and Prices

The standard dimensions for many copper bathroom sinks are about 17 inches around by about 7 inches deep, and the simple affordable designs start at just $99, and allow you to select a plain or hammered rim finish and often the patina color or finish.

There are several motifs to select, like the classic floral vine pattern, the arrow theme, diamond, star, scallop, or the plain hammered styles.

The vessels for sale at Copper Sinks Online also include a series of elegant copper bowl sinks with mosaic, some with Venetian Murano glass and mirror inlays on the outer side of the plated bronze designs that also have been finished by hand. The Murano mosaic copper and bronze basins are a little more expensive at about $350, and are very versatile for mounting. They can be left as a vessel sink, sitting on a counter or pedestal, or they may be partially embedded or mounted into a vanity or cabinet, or can be totally inset so as to be flush with the counter or wash area.

For less expensive, but unique and exclusive designs, consider some that range in price from about $145 to $225.

For example you can opt for a silver etched bowl with a lustrous patina in a variety of earthy, rustic finishes like Rio Grande, Café Natural, Dark Smoke or Matte.

If you’re looking for something very distinctive that’s not round, oval or square, but boat shaped, you’ll be delighted with the Calder design that has a rustic finish. The dimensions of this unique antique copper sink are a bit odd, so you’ll need the right kind of space to display it properly and make it functional because it’s quite long at 18.5 inches and 12 inches wide, while being unusually shallow at a depth of just 5.5 inches. As far as price is concerned, it’s reasonable considering how unusual the design is, at just $340, which includes shipping anywhere in continental USA. Which reminds us to let you know that all orders include free shipping if you spend just $100.

A Copper Farmhouse Sink in The Bathroom?

Most of the copper farm sink designs are sold for use in the a cooking area, be it indoors or out, however copper kitchen sinks make wonderfully unique bathroom basins. This is especially true if you have a little more space and would like a double or triple sink and mirror/vanity area, or if you have an open walk in shower, large wet room or spa design that’s rustic with stone floors and teak/cedar wood walls. Let us show you what we mean:

Choose one, two or three single well, rectangular or square copper farmhouse sinks that measure 22 or 30 inches at their longest or widest point and inset them into a stone counter or vanity with antique wood or copper framed mirrors above and antique brass or copper faucets. Even if space an issue, you can choose one small single well sink that’s square or rectangular and create a very unusual spa style wash area, open to the shower area or hot tub etc…

What’s extraordinary about using the farm style models in the bath is that you can also choose what is known as an apron front copper sink…..and by “apron” we mean a vessel that has a decorative, rounded or flat, front that is not hidden, covered or inset below counter level, but left in view as the front of the vanity or wash area.

It allows for more copper to show and is a way to create an antique environment quite easily since the fronts are often sculpted, carved, etched and very decorative. They also tend to project out a little more, are deeper, and have much more overall character, which is why, unfortunately, they are also more expensive. Still, their uniqueness makes them an item to consider when planning an outdoor home spa, rustic pool area, hot tub pavilion or indoor wet room for a cabin or chalet, or even in your unique rustic style bathroom.

Mexican Copper Sinks

For some of the most distinctive and extraordinary designs of, not just antique copper farm sinks, but Mexican copper sink designs that will add a unique flare to a washing area, go to Mexican Copper, a website where the sun and earth come together in fiery designs that mimic land and sea, like the Aztec hand engraved basin, or the sea shell vessel sink that makes washing your hands an event instead of just a function.

The price of the Mexican sun and sea is not much more than the cost of the domestic style….through Mexican copper, a unique handcrafted piece costs just over $350, be it Aztec or a pumpkin shaped bowl…….but the seashell style is a tad more at just over $390, although one plus is that if you order from the USA or Canada, there are no additional shipping costs.

Whether you choose hammered copper sinks made by American artisans or antique replicas of old world copper farmhouse sink designs or sunny Aztec creations from Mexico, the idea of creating a wash space in your bathroom or wet room using the rich orange-red color of copper metal, will stand out as a feature and make the area uniquely your own.

For more ideas on bathroom vessel sinks in granite, porcelain and even artistic glass, see the related topic, and don’t forget to check out the suggestions we offer about how to create singular walk in shower spaces for you or for two! Also find out how to organize and decorate with unusual bathroom sets and bathroom storage ideas that will keep your bathroom clutter free and functional for you and the entire family.


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