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How To Plan Successful Walk In Showers Without Doors

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Showers without doors are not an option if you simply can’t afford a door. Walk in showers are designed specifically without doors to create an open space without glass or walls so as to have a wet room or spa feeling in a larger bathroom where a splash here or there is not of importance. However, you must take 5 things into account when planning successful walk in showers that will not have doors.

  1. Showers without doors must have good engineering in two main aspects, the placement of the shower head(s) and the drainage. A flat floor that does not funnel the water to a central drain below the shower area will end up causing a flood every time someone showers. Likewise, if the showerhead is placed directly across from furniture, fixtures or items that should not get sopping wet, such walk in showers will not be successful. The pluming and placement of fixtures and drainage are essential to a bathroom shower that will not have doors.
  2. Walk in showers without doors are considered wet rooms in general and therefore the walls and floor must be covered with tile, stone, teak wood or some waterproof paint or sealant and protector that will keep the moisture from penetrating the walls and floor. It goes without staying that such wet rooms will not be carpeted. Tile is the best, stone is good too, wood is great but must be treated or be teak or all weather that is specific for spas and wet rooms.
  3. Bathrooms with door-less showers usually have two other elements that typical showers don’t have. One is that they are usually larger spaces that are open, and two, they are often designed in a minimalist or rustic spa style because the usual cabinets or towel racks or personal effects are best isolated from the wet room area. So consider if you have enough space to pull off practical and comfortable walk in showers designs in the area you have.
  4. Since showers of this type need careful planning and plumbing and sometimes engineering, they are usually more expensive. The absence of a door may save you money on one piece of glass but the overall design will have to be custom built by someone who understands good drainage and wet room engineering. So count the cost of walk in showers with doors that may be prefabricated and affordable to the cost of a bespoke shower design.
  5. If you want the best possible functionality for the elderly and children, you can choose a shower without a door for ease of access, but don’t make the mistake of creating an elevated floor or adding a floor tray under the shower in order to save design and engineering and plumbing costs. If you’re going to use a tray, the idea of an open wet room with no doors is spoilt!

Wet Room and Walk in Shower Enclosure

Monday, August 17th, 2009

I could give you product specific details about walk in shower manufacturers, about each make and model of bathroom shower enclosure or walk in shower stall and still you’ll have to go to your nearest dealer and see them in the showroom or choose your online distributor.

So what I’ll do instead is give you some of the top brand names that people recommend and then you can check them out in the stores. I’ll provide practical information that you can incorporate in designing your walk in shower enclosure or stall that will make sense for YOU.

Walk in Shower Prices

Below are some walk in bath and shower brand names that are hot right now. Most of them carry bathroom walk in showers or baths and also have innovative showerheads and bathroom accessories. I do not include exact prices (just ballpark figures) because walk in showers can run you as little as $100 for a shower door to over $2,000 for a digital (all inclusive) walkin shower enclosure.

Matki Walk In Shower

Matki Walk In Shower

In general you can get something practical for walk in shower cubicles or a walk in shower enclosure between $300 and $700 if you shop around. You can also opt to build the walk in shower area out of any building material that has been treated so as to be water-resistant and then just add taps, showerhead and the floor drainage system. These items again can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred.

Hot Brands for Walk in Showers

  • Airbath is mostly for baths.
  • Bette has a line of floor trays suitable for walk in showers.
  • Bisque is great for angle shower trays.
  • Bristan has everything.
  • Duravit has a very impressive multi-functional shower and all the accessories.
  • Daryl is part of the very famous Kohler and has high quality shower and bath products that are durable.
  • Grohe is well known for luxury showers and baths and for their line of water saving showerheads and taps/faucets.
  • Hansgrohe has wash basins, baths, showers and all accessories in very modern and sleek chrome.
  • Matki is high-tech, sleek and lots of glass for walk in showers and complete wet rooms.
  • Mira is another line of dependable Kohler mostly offering accessories and modern electric showers.
  • Roca has everything from porcelain toilets to sleek chrome shower heads.
  • Vado Eurobath is good for shower heads and chrome wall mounted shower mixers.
  • Aqualux, Twyford and Coram specialize in walk in showers, shower enclosure systems, and hinged pivot door shower enclosure. They also have some models for sliding doors shower enclosure, quadrant shower Enclosures and bifold doors for walk in showers.

Walkin Shower Shapes

Some of the newer walk in showers have D-Shape shower enclosures and others are corner entry and practical for small spaces enabling you to satisfy all possible master bathroom ideas.

Depending on the shape of your bathroom you may have room for a self contained shower enclosures, which as the name states, in all inclusive – doors, back, floor, tray, drain, showerheads, taps and usually they are digital.

Shower Trays

If you are building your own unique style walk in shower or wet room out of whatever construction material goes with your décor, you can opt to buy just the floor trays that come in rectangle, square and corner models to suit your space. A tray can be useful if you want hassle free care and good drainage or if you are not going to put down tile or stone or wood. However I have seen a tray used as a base and later a platform of wood or other material is built on top of the tray. This requires a top level drain that then runs down into the tray and drains as usual. This can be an inexpensive solution because trays can be as little as $50.

Shower Temperature Control

Electric showers can be added and still your walk in shower is relatively inexpensive. Consider the practical shower mixers that can be mounted on the wall and regulate the temperature better than traditional taps. They are a little more expensive (around $60 or $70 for good models) but they make your walk in shower a much better place in terms of temperature control.

Shower Doors

You can add sliding shower doors or bifold shower doors to almost any concept for less than $200 and hinged shower doors for little more $100. The most expensive walk in showers have bespoke shower doors and they cost more because usually they are made to measure.