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The Best Electric Shower UK Residents Can Buy Online

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Electric power shower by Mira, Triton, Gainsborough, Aqualisa, Creda, Bristan and others; available online for UK buyers who seek the best electric shower deals – that’s what Home Walk In Showers brings you this week to help you choose the shower head and heating system that best suits your open wetroom space or your walkin shower enclosure. Here are the top shower designs by a variety of manufactures and a brief review of each, including what prices you can expect to pay and where to shop online for good deals.

Mira Electric Showers UK

Mira is a division of Kohler and carries a variety of very popular lines including the Mira Jump, Aqualista, and the newest wireless digital models called the Mira Platinum. The most affordable model is the simple Mira Go, an 8.5 kw electric shower, which retails for about £169 in the white and chrome design and for just over £180 in the satin chrome finish. The features of this affordable unit are basic touch button controls, a nozzle made of rubber for easy cleaning and the energy efficient Eco settings that are useful in summer when less hot water is needed. As with many of the Mira products, the “Go” model is available online at Argos or you can shop in person at places like B&Q or Homebase.

Why Buy Electric Shower Designs

If you don’t have a centrally heated water system in your home, the electric designs allow you to have instant hot water while showering. But first, the two most frequently asked questions:

  • How do they work?
  • Isn’t having electricity and water together a dangerous combination?

1. Here’s how they work:

There’s a heating element inside the showerhead or device through which the water passes and is heated only when you require the water. There is no energy wasted to heat a stored supply of hot water that may go unused. One benefit is that the hot water supply is “on demand” and therefore always available. It will not run out like what sometimes happens when you have a tank.

2. Regarding safety:

The easiest way to explain how safe and reliable they are for home use is to compare their functions to an electric kettle where a protected and waterproof element heats red hot and warms the water without it being a dangerous way to make tea. Similarly, a coil or element heats up electrically in a showerhead or device and as the water passes over the element it is heated. The device or showerhead does not have exposed electrical wires that come in contact with the water and therefore there is no real danger – just a simple means to take a refreshing warm or hot shower at any time of the day or night, even if someone just showered before you. The hot water will not run out, and the temperature can be regulated to suite each person. It’s safe, efficient, and very convenient.

How is An Electric Power Shower Different?

The main difference between a basic electric shower and a power shower design is that the latter has a pump that is built-in to help with water pressure and to have a steady flow and therefore a constant temperature. They may also mix hot and cold water, however there are two basic styles to choose, and they are:

  1. the Manual control, which will not make allowances for changes in flow or temperature unless you do so yourself
  2. the Thermostatic control, which allows exactness of flow, up to fourteen liters/min., and excellent temperature control based on your selection.

If good control in a budget price range is what you’re after, you may want to consider something like Mira Vigour Thermostatic electric power showers that sells for under £240.

Affordable Triton Electric Showers

One of the best selling Triton electric shower models is the affordable and stylish, all chrome, T80Z design that retails for around £187. The features that make it good value are such things as the double sensor which automatically monitors the heating level, and the push button control. It has little extras like an easy clean showerhead and easy grip control, and is offered in 3 different power ratings from 8.5kW to 10.5k. It also comes with the Triton 2 year guarantee and is sold through online distributors such as PlumbWorld.

One of the newest and most innovative designs by Triton, and therefore one of the most expensive, is the Triton T300si model, which is a wireless electric shower, and retails for around £320. Aside from its sleek all chrome look and the absence of wires, the T300si features a dial with temperature control, a showerhead with five spray styles, push button controls with an economy setting. The wireless power operates even from a distance of 10 meters, so the source can be discretely hidden in a ceiling panel or wall.

Triton t80si

One of the most popular designs is the Triton t80si electric shower and the reason it’s so well-liked is because it solves a serious problem – low water pressure. How? Because it has an integrated pump to regulate unreliable water pressure sources. It’s unique in that it can be attached to a tank of water, which may be the only source for the shower, that is just 8 centimeters from the shower device! It also offers the same great features as most other models, including push button and temperature controls, variable spray showerhead that operates in three positions and the 8.5kW rating. How much does it cost? Just over £200 when on sale at PlumbWorld.


The other affordable and popular design in the UK is the Gainsborough electric shower, and it’s a good choice if price is a prime consideration, since models like the 8.5kw Satin Chrome design cost just over £100 and there are other designs that are somewhat basic but functional for as little as £70 to £90.

For other deals on the top selling and best rated Mira sport electric shower, Redring models, Aqualisa designs and the really cheap Creda electric shower units, which only cost about £60, try going to the online outlets for Argos, HomeBase, PlumbWorld, Marshal Ward and even Amazon UK.

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