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A Guide To Bathroom Storage Solutions

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Corner Shelves, Wall Units, Linen Cabinets, Towel Racks and Wicker Baskets

Bathroom storage cabinets in antique white, classic cherry/oak, or black with glass; linen towers, hutches, drawers, vanity bridges, wall units and corner shelves sold as matching sets or separate pieces…..that’s what Home Walk In Showers is all about this week….. because even the best of showers isn’t much fun without a towel….and finding the right bathroom linen storage is one of the biggest challenges in both large and small spaces.

We recommend complete storage furniture sets and individual items which are available for sale online at Modern Bathroom, starting with small corner shelves for under $200 and wood cabinets starting at around $475.

Elegant bathroom storage furniture can be obtained little by little until you have all the pieces, or buy them all together if you’re renovating the whole bath and shower area.

Choose from ready made linen towers, drawers, vanities and hutches that stack and save space.

Completely furnish your bathroom and give it the necessary storage to be functional and decorative in white, transparent glass, antique or rich natural woods. Choose open storage shelves, closed drawers or a unit that has both open shelves for your towels and closed drawers for toiletries. Since space is almost always a factor, the bathroom wall storage units are designed tall and narrow to fit in corners or between fixtures. Some of the most modern designs have mirrored fronts and also offer unique rotating designs that incorporate wood shelving and iron towel racks.

There’s one particular bathroom storage cabinet called the Barcelona, from the Wynham collection, which has the unique ability of being able to rotate 360 degrees as well as featuring a full mirror, lots of towel storage and space for bath accessories. There’s a gorgeous vanity that completes the set and comes in matching colors like pear wood, which is light, iron-wood, which is darker, and espresso, which is almost black. With the built-in gliding drawers and lots of shelves, storage is a breeze without buying plastic organizers. The mirrors and the sinks are included with the cabinets, although the faucets are not.

Please note that when you choose your bathroom storage solutions you should be careful to select furniture that will not be affected by humidity, and also try to get easy sliding mechanisms on drawers that will not swell with bathroom steam and get jammed. The really cheap drawers and cabinets may save you money when you first buy them, but may cause frustration later on. Also, keep in mind that towels can be left on open racks and shelves, easy to grab, or rolled in a tray or basket. For bathroom storage ideas that are luxurious but not expensive, think about how a spa or resort has a bathroom laid out. How do professionals make their guests and customers have easy access to shampoo, soap, towels, laundry baskets, and small toiletries? Use these ideas to incorporate into your home because they do work for a family too.

Open shelves are practical if you use small wicker baskets to hide items that tend to cause bathrooms to look cluttered. You can also use large storage baskets for towels, cloths, soap and sponges and they can be set on the vanity or even the floor and be useful as well as decorative. Baskets need not be only for dirty laundry, but also for linen, especially lovely when used with a white country style or wood theme bathroom.

If you don’t require all-inclusive vanities and wall units but need simple bathroom storage ideas, you may find that a set of two glass shelves work well as storage racks for folded spare towels and bathroom articles. You may also consider one single tower in a design that has easy access, like the Andover Traditional cabinet from Modern Bathroom that offers sturdy wood construction, glass front and side panels, an easy glide drawer and shelving all in one narrow storage tower that saves space yet is a stylish piece of furniture.

Elegant Fairmont Designs – Complete Storage and Vanity Sets In Wood

Modern Bathroom is not just a place to get country style or contemporary racks and shelves but also a shop where you can easily order a complete bathroom storage cabinet system that includes a wood vanity, marble top, sink, matching mirrors, linen towers and hutches that combine perfectly with the other pieces. Sets start at around $780, which is very good considering the items are all handmade and hand finished. When you order, you will receive free shipping within the continental USA.

More Bathroom and Shower Ideas

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