Modern Ideas for Home Walk in Showers

Written by admin on August 17th, 2009

We’ve all been dazzled by walk in showers at hotels, some with surround-marble, multiple shower heads and waterfalls that cascade down your back. All the things you never dreamed you wanted in a shower. The problem is that after the holiday, when all that’s left of the five star luxury shower is the five star luxury credit card statement, is that you wake up and drag yourself into your measly little shower in your miserable little bathroom, and instead of feeling refreshed, you feel depressed. Post holiday shower blues!

Easy Walk in Shower Solutions

If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom rehab by adding a walk in shower, there has never been a better to do it than now. The prices are good, the technology is peaking and the selection is almost limitless. Modernizing your shower into a walk in shower needn’t be a big undertaking. Here’s why.

Matki Walk In Shower

Matki Walk In Shower

There are walk in shower cubicles that have all you need, like wall panels, doors, modular floor trays and most of them are packaged into one low price. All you need to do is call a plumber and install. In a couple hours you can be taking a shower in your sleek new space.

There is also a walk in shower enclosure that is all inclusive, in many cases with a modular console and digital control. All you need to do is pick a space, make sure there’s a drain and plug it in. Well, not exactly “plug in”, but close.

No more Slippery Showers over the Tub

Alternatives to the slippery “shower over a tub” are walk in shower stalls personalized to whatever what you want with tile, arches, stone, wood or parts of prefabricated showers instead of the whole unit.

  • use a floor tray for drainage but keep the walls natural stone
  • install a teak floor but use white wall back and side panels
  • install only the large sheets of glass for doors and leave the shower space otherwise open

Quick Design Tips for Modernizing Walk in Showers

  • Try black slate tile as a backdrop for walk in showers wet room. It’s elegant, especially if you’re going to add glass panel doors and sleek chrome taps.
  • Add multiple shower heads or a combination of nozzles hoses and waterfalls just like in the fancy hotels. There are many residential options available and for a lot less then you might think.
  • For a crisp modern look you can tile in neutral stone and add a dash of accent color in a minimalist way – such as a little Spanish olive green or a touch of China red with a single porcelain pot outside the shower door.
  • A teak seat inside the shower can give that five star feeling without the price.

  • New shower heads or an electric shower could be all you need to modernize walk in showers.
  • Buy a stylish bathroom counter top, floor tiles and new fixtures and fittings to finish off the look.

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