Magnified, Wall Mounted and Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror Styles

Written by admin on May 17th, 2010

Affordable Jerdon and Conair lighted makeup mirror designs; wall mounted and vanity models; magnified and lighted mirrors for home and travel – at Home Walk In Showers we not only show you how to plan, build and decorate your bathroom shower areas but also how to organize and accessorize them in practical ways. We offer suggestions on where to shop online, where the hottest and best products are available and how much you can expect to pay. Shower in style, refresh yourself, and then get beautiful with lighted makeup mirror designs that suite your individual lifestyle.


The large Conair lighted makeup mirror with 5X magnification costs only about $35 and features double sided mirrors, one side being normal the other magnified, different settings for perfect makeup application for day and evening, light settings that are balanced and adjustable, side panels that are also adjustable, and the ability to close all three panels to fold into a compact travel mirror. It’s also fog free if used in the bathroom.


One of the best lighted makeup mirror designs is made by Jerdon. It’s also a trifold mirror with 5X magnification and 4 light settings. The stand adjusts as do the two side mirrors. The price is excellent at just under $35.

The light up makeup mirror styles above are best for setting on vanities and makeup tables since they require space and probably a little stool to sit on, and while this may be possible to do in large bathrooms, wetrrom or baths where there’s a long counter or separate vanity area for the ladies, it may be a good idea to not use your counter area in that way if space is limited. So, if you want something that’s specific for the bathroom, that can be used for the ladies to apply their makeup and/or for gents to shave, then we suggest the wall mounted light up makeup mirror styles that have extended arms.

Kimball & Young

Kimball & Young make a great double arm lighted makeup wall mirror with a gorgeous brushed nickel finish. It costs over $260 so it’s a bit of an investment, but take a look at all the features it offers. First of all it’s a LED design and has 5x magnification. It’s about 9 and a half inches around so it’s large enough to actually see what you’re doing, and it extends out from the wall mount over 12 inches so you can be more comfortable. Because it’s LED, it has a great glow of light that consists of twenty-eight diodes that emit light, and yet it is energy efficient and does not heat up. The brushed nickel finish goes well with matching towel bar designs and contemporary brushed nickel bathroom light fixtures. It’s available for sale online at shops like Décor Island.

Brushed Nickel Pedestal Vanity Lighted Makeup Mirror

If you like the idea of brushed nickel and want something to rest on the bathroom counter or vanity, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars, then we suggest a very simple solution: the Jerdon eight inch brushed nickel pedestal vanity lighted makeup mirror that’s fog free and magnifies 7x on one side and 1x on the other. Just flip it around to see things more clearly. It’s a fun modern design that stands about 16 inches tall and can sit nicely on a counter or vanity as a practical accessory for HIM and HER. We suggest this item because it’s really affordable at just $56 and can be easily ordered online.

Lighted Travel Makeup Mirror

If you need a separate lighted travel makeup mirror, aside from the one you may keep at home in your bathroom, we suggest one that’s really funky and versatile called the
Ultimate Lighted Makeup Mirror, available from places like Improvements. Why is this such a great item? First the lighting is good. It imitates natural sunlight and is large enough to see yourself, over 6 inches around. It also offers a normal mirror and a 10x magnifier, also has a 360 degree swivel pedestal that collapses into a compact when you’re done. If you’re on a long trip and you’re staying in one place for a while, then you can even mount this mirror on the wall, or do so at home. When it’s on its pedestal and fully open it’s 16 inches tall, like most non travel models, but when it’s all packed away it’s only one and half inches total! It operates on batteries, has an alarm clock, and also can be plugged in. It’s such a fabulous little product we just couldn’t resist showing it to you. And it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or gal; if you need it for shaving or putting on mascara, because the unit is a sleek modern design that isn’t girly.

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