Lighted and Wall Mounted Vanity Mirrors

Written by admin on May 13th, 2010

Brand name bathroom vanity mirror with lights; wall mounted designs in oval, square and rectangular shapes; mirrored vanity furniture sets; simple mirrors with and without frames; elegant antique models and contemporary clean-line designs – that’s what Home Walk In Showers is about this week – to help you with the finishing touches as you design, or plan, your unique bath or shower, be it a spacious spa-style wetroom for two or a contemporary shower enclosure unit for one.

Vanity mirrors that are mounted above a bathroom sink are not only a large purchase, since they may cost from a hundred to over a thousand dollars, but are also a weighty décor decision because the style, size and shape of the mirror you choose will affect the overall look of your bathroom more than most other fixtures. If you have a rustic or country theme, a large wood, wrought iron or antique frame will set the mood of the room, as will a sleek brushed nickel or chrome frame dictate the sleekness and chicness of a contemporary chrome and glass bath. Here are some of the top wall mounted and lighted vanity mirror designs that are available for easy purchase online, and a few tips on where to get special items like rustic and antique styles, as well as items that accent a bathroom like a good quality magnifying vanity mirror for the ladies. But…..let’s start with the basics:

Square, Rectangular and Oval Vanity Mirror Choices

First of all, you need to know where to shop. We recommend an online shop called Just Vanities who have a large selection, good prices and easy delivery options, including free shipping.

For a small mirror design, with a classic white frame that could be used in a set of two over a wash area or counter, or singly over a small wash basin, the Stratford, by Elite Home Fashions, is stylish and very affordable at just under $50. Even if you need to buy a set of two, you will cover an area the length of a short to average counter with a sink, without spending more than $100. The measurements are 24 inches in height by 18 inches in width and the crown molding and shelf below the mirror is 5 inches in depth. If you like the above suggestion, but prefer one single piece that covers a larger area, then we suggest the similar, but larger, Bath2o Elan white vanity mirror that comes with wall mounting hang holes. This style measures 30 inches in height and 27 in width with a depth of the same 5 inches like the previous one, and it costs about $126.

In oval, Moen has a gorgeous and affordable design we really love. It’s from the Organic Mirror collection by ShowHouse and features a modern brushed nickel finish and zinc accents. It’s almost 27 inches high and 19 inches wide, perfect for mounting over the bathroom vanity sink, or over that little nook outside the bath where you have just a vessel basin and towel for guests. Oh, the Organic collection has a zillion gorgeous extras you can get in the same style, like matching cabinet knobs, towel bars, towel ring and even funky pivoting toilet paper holder.

Not Your Average Lighted Vanity Mirror

Access Lighting has an ultra modern lighted mirror with eight halogen lights – 4 on each side of a 24 by 20 rectangle of frosted glass. It costs just over $300. A very chic contemporary choice.

In a similar price range and modern style, there’s also the George Kovacs designs, like the Two-Light Mirror that uses fluorescent bulbs on either side. It retails for about $290, but is just one of the choices in the George Kovacs contemporary line of wall mounted vanity mirrors with lights.

Whether you’re after table vanity mirrors or something you can mount on the wall in your bathroom, you must have a look at the Quoizel brushed nickel collection.

The retro-modern, sleek yet decorative styling, with pointed edges and accenting metal balls, offers simplicity without boredom. The piece called Jasper costs about $260, and has a mirror size of almost 25 inches in height and just over 17 inches wide, with the decorative frame extending beyond these dimensions. It can be purchased at Just Vanities, where shipping is free within the USA.

If contemporary doesn’t fit with your classic, antique or rustic theme, then perhaps you should be looking at…

Wooden Antique Vanity Mirror Designs By Danze and Uttermost

The Danze Cirtangular collection has gorgeous mahogany vanity wall mirrors for under $200 in two different dimensions, the 24 inch or the 30 inch size. These pieces are more classic than rustic, matching wood vanities and cabinets with a polished finish.

If you you’re looking for a rustic model, you may want to consider the Uttermost collections like the Francine wall mirror by designer Grace Feyock, which also has a mahogany finish but is accented with antique style silver leaf motifs on the corners and edges. This design is a good buy since it costs just a little over $100 but measures 26 by 22 inches.

If you’re wondering how it’s possible that such large, elaborately detailed wooden framed bathroom vanity mirrors can be so affordable, the answer is simple. The Uttermost company is a US family owned enterprise that has been committed to delivering unique and affordable artistic home accents, like framed mirrors, for almost 30 years. They know how to create the accents that make a home comfy, pleasing to the senses, and easy on the pocketbook. Get great discount prices even on the Uttermost pieces when shopping online through Just Vanities.

Suggestions For Choosing Bathroom Vanity Magnifying Mirrors

If you like to look at your pores in the mirror, or see what hideously distorted faces you can make at yourself, then a magnifying mirror is perfect! One of the superior models, which also includes lighting to really make you want to do something about those blackheads, is the Jerdon lighted magnifying wall mount mirror for about $88. It magnifies all your imperfections 5X and has a halogen light all around the mirror, and extends 14 inches away from the wall (on a sleek chrome finished arm) so you can really have a good look at yourself. If chrome doesn’t go with your décor, you can also choose this item in a bronze, brass or a matte nickel finish.

The most deluxe designs that seem to be available, aside from the Jerdon styles, are the much more expensive Zadro magnifying vanity mirrors that can cost up to $140. One, that features a dimmable sunlight design, offers an ultra thin dual-sided mirror, which Zadro claims to be the thinnest one available for sale. One of the unique benefits of this item is that it has…not “surround sound”, but “surround light”, which is designed to radiate natural sunlight so that you have no glare and no shadows to interfere with analyzing yourself or putting on your makeup or shaving. It’s possible to dim the fluorescent lighting with a control, and the mirror allows for a more pleasant 1X magnification examination by using one side, leaving the really scary 10X magnification to the other side, the side you needn’t look through everyday!

Finishing Your Bathroom With Mirrors, Fixtures, Storage, and Decorative Sets

Once you’ve decided upon your mirrors, you may need a little help organizing your makeup and toiletries, so we’ve put together some information to help you find the best bathroom storage solutions that are for sale online and you can check them out in related topics. We also offer suggestions for bathroom light fixtures, some that will accent your mirrors, others for the walls or to illuminate the entire room from the ceiling. When your storage problems have been dealt with, and when you have adequate lighting and the right mirrors, you may be wanting to add small things like soft fabric shower curtains, decorative bathroom sets that include soap dispensers and even mats and rugs to give your toes some cozy comfort when you step from your shower. So we’ve researched some ideas on where to shop for the little niceties that will make your bathroom not just a place to get clean but a place to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and refreshed.


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