How to transform your current furniture without paint?

The one point that everyone thinks is, how to transform your old looking furniture into a new one, without making them paint. The answer to this question you get is to apply fabric on your furniture. You can use DIY measures to turn your furniture good looking. You can use gift sandpaper or steel wool to give a subtle touch to your best furniture. Observe your piece from different angles. Here are tips to mould your chair into a new one.

Cut strips of fabric

At a time, work on one section to make it perfect. Measure the part on which you are working. It will be better if you have a cloth tape to measure it. Cut the fabric as per the measurement. Wrap the fabric around the chair and cut the extra fabric. Wrap around in a way that the leg of the chair on which you are working becomes wholly covered.

Apply mod podge

You have to brush the mod podge by yourself on the section of the furniture. The glue you are using should be thick. Do not necessarily apply the paste on the top of the fabric. Try to use foam brushes, as they work very well on the flat surfaces although use full bristle craft brushes for the crannies or projects with curves.

Add the fabric

The next step is to add the fabric after glue. Position the material in a way so that you need not remove or move it. It can lead to wrinkles or can result in bubbles in placing the fabric. You have to do this work very carefully. Gently smooth the surface by a metal or a cloth. Trim the excessive part of the fabric. Try your best to cut near the seam, do not expose the surface underneath.

Trim excess fabric

Try to trim the excess fabric possible. For the areas that meats together, it is essential to apply the material with care and cut the excess fabric with a sharp daily use knife. There are areas where you can face difficulty in applying it. Try to mould the material in those areas. If you’re utilising the cut lines, make them inside. Stick the fabric to the furniture, then add more glue to it. And make the portion of the fabric stable.

Add a topcoat

It is optional to add a top coat to your chair or o furniture on which you are working. Dust can indeedcollect to the topcoat; therefore, a tip of the coat is recommended. Keep it in your mind before applying the topcoat that can change the colour of the fabric a little bit.

Follow these steps to give a fantastic look to your old looking furniture.

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