DreamLine Steam Showers Under $1,500

Written by admin on June 5th, 2011

DreamLine jetted steam showers (cabin –style enclosure kits) for $1,490.30, available in white and chrome with a single-piece back, molded bottom tray (and adjustable leveling legs) made from fiberglass reinforced acrylic.

DreamLine Steam Shower Features

The Atlantica modular cabin unit offers six adjustable massage jest that are individually controlled by valves, an adjustable hand-held shower device as well as an overhead rainfall shower option. With the Atlantica kit, model number SHJC-1238386-01, there’s a thermostatic valve that’s integrated so that the water temperature is consistent.

Additional features of the DreamLine steam showers include an overall ergonomic design that offers a convenient accessory compartment, an interior vanity mirror and a built-in acrylic seat. The front glass panels are especially designed with ¼ inch thick tempered safety glass. The dimensions of the steam shower cabin unit are 37.38 by 72.88 inches.

The Atlantica shower enclosure is one of the steam showers that’s designed to work with the Niagara steam generator kit, since the basic enclosure doesn’t have a built-in steam system. The generators vary in price depending on which dealer you choose. The basic price for the generator is around $1,400, but there are special offers when buying the DreamLine steam shower cabin together with the Dreamline Niagara generator, which can reduce the price of the generator to under $700.

Steam Shower Roof Considerations

In most cases, the cabin units are sold with an optional roofing kit, which allows for adjusting the unit to fit lower or higher ceilings or choose a sealed roof for a steam or an open design for regular showers.

Complete Kits with Roofs and Generators

There are complete steam shower kits that include the DreamLine Atlantica Jetted Steam Shower as well as a roofing kit and the Niagara generator. The best price for the entire set of products is about $2,000 through Westside Wholesale, although sometimes a company called Main Faucet (which is an online distributor of not only steam showers but other bathroom and plumbing products) has special deals for around $1,800 – $1,900 (double check if the roof kit is included with this price before ordering).

Steam Shower

There are other DreamLine steam showers that are slightly more expensive, but offer better versatility when fitting showers into corners or angled spaces. For example the Neptune Steam Shower (model number SHJC-8151516-01) is spacious and includes 8 massage jets and lots of extra features. For example, although this unit is priced around $2,800, it comes complete – including, not only the acrylic walls, floor, roof, tray, tempered glass front shower panel, adjustable jets, hand-held shower, thermostatic control system, lighting, tropical rainfall showerhead, modular seats and accessory compartments, but also an integrated steam generator. The generator is a 3.7kW 240v unit with everything required to regulate functions, such as a timer and adjustable temperature control. This is an all-inclusive steam shower kit that just requires installation and is ready to use.

The Neptune shower enclosure and steam kit can be ordered online (and may ship from Lux Stores). Please note that shipping charges within the US may be an additional $196, which makes the total price come to about $3,000. Although there are several bath and plumbing companies that carry this all-inclusive DreamLine Shower enclosure and steam generator as a package, the prices don’t vary much from the ones quoted here.

Deluxe Steam Shower Units by DreamLine

Another of the top steam shower units by DreamLine, which incorporates a generator in the all-inclusive enclosre kit, is the Reflections (model number SHJC-6140405-01) that measures 39.38 by 88.63 inches.

This steam shower unit is a modern glass-wall enclosure that includes six adjustable massage jets, a hand held shower device and overhead rainfall, as well as all the temperature control features for regulating both water and steam. The extra details of the Reflections steam shower includes sleek black tempered glass walls and transparent glass doors accented in chrome. This is a deluxe unit priced at $2,188.20, but includes everything –lighting system, seat, accessory trays, roof, floor, walls, and the generator. Order online and receive free shipping within the United States. (May ship from CSN Stores)

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Steam Showers and Deluxe All-Inclusive Units Suggested in this Post:

1. DreamLine Atlantica (Model number SHJC-1238386-01) cabin kits for jetted steam showers / white and chrome (modular back, side, front and bottom tray, jets, valves and thermostatic controls included) roof / generator kits sold separately.

2. DreamLine Niagara Steam Generator Kit (model number SHSK-4000-01)

3. DreamLine Neptune Steam Showers (model number SHJC-8151516-01) in chrome, including the integrated steam generator and complete shower enclosure unit.

4. DreamLine Reflection Steam Shower Unit (model number SHJC-6140405-01) black glass and chrome, interated steam generator, all-inclusive kit.


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