Cheap Power Shower Head Designs In Chrome and White

Written by admin on May 19th, 2010

Electric power shower units and heads by Triton, Mira, Aqualisa, Bristan and others; replacement power shower head styles; thermostatic and manual electric shower models; pumps for low water pressure problems; where to buy units and heads in the UK – at Home Walk In Showers we offer the information you need to choose the best electric shower power within your budget.

In a previous post entitled: The Best Electric Shower UK Residents Can Buy Online we offered information on how these showers work, why they are energy efficient, how to have hot water on demand and what models are best to buy in the UK and about how much you can expect to pay. In this post we offer more specific information on the difference between a POWER shower versus other designs and how to find white and chrome shower heads from a variety of the top companies that offer cheap yet high quality products, as well as some really affordable solutions from less known manufacturers. But first…one of the questions most frequently asked is:

What’s the difference between a shower unit that’s labeled POWER versus a regular electric shower?

The main difference is that a regular electric design will operate only if your water supply has sufficient pressure to activate the heating element and allow for a constant temperature control. If you have pressure that fluctuates or is often low, then you will need a means to increase the flow so that it’s constant. The power units offer a solution because they have a built-in pump that maintains the pressure at a flow rate of about 14 liters per minute and the best ones will also be thermostatic, which means the temperature is controlled and will not allow accidental scalding. The designs that also offer adjustable maximum temperature controls will be good for homes where there may be children who require a lower water temperature than that of the adults, or in bathrooms that are used by elderly or handicapped individuals who may not be able to adequately select an appropriate temperature.

Triton Aspirante

The Aspirante model in the Triton Power Shower collection is a model that includes all these features and is available in chrome. There are also two sub-designs with the same features but with outer aesthetic features that include white fascia and chrome or a simple plain white unit with a matching white showerhead. We recommend the AS2000X model because it’s very affordable at just under £110.

Replacement Power Shower Head

If you just need to get a replacement power shower head, you can go to places like Shower Spares UK who carry the Triton heads starting at about £23 and going up to just under£35. They carry parts and replacement heads for the top brands be they Triton, Gainsborough, Aqualista, Meynell, Trevi, Mira or Sirrus.

Mira Event and Vigour by Kohler

The Kohler Mira power shower models range in price from the cheap Mira Vigor for around £130 to the Mira event xs power shower for over £200. let’s take a closer look at the cheaper Vigour model since we understand you’re on a budget. This unit will offer quality while being affordable and also gives you the necessary temperature control you need including a max temp override just in case.

The only cautionary note we wish to add is that of all the Mira power showers this is one of the few that is GRAVITY FED, which means it does not require a mains water system with high pressure. Therefore, it is not to be installed into a none gravity fed water source since the pressure will be too much. You need one or the other….a built-in pump or high pressure mains water source, not both.

Aqualisa Aquastream

We really love the Aqualisa power shower units in chrome, but since we’re talking about cheap models to buy on a tight budget, unfortunately the best thermostatic power shower system that includes a low voltage pump, with a 10 to 18ltr per minute water supply, and has a great satin chrome shower head, costs about £350. Although it may be one of the BEST, it is not the cheapest electric thermostatic power shower solution. The newest top model Aquastream power shower designs by Aqualisa cost between £320 and £350 through places like Plumb Warehouse UK, and although we highly recommend the quality these units offer in terms of gravity supplied hot water systems, it is clear to see that they are not the cheapest products on the market. However, if you need just a shower head for one of these designs, try Shower Spares UK where you can find a list of products by year manufactured and by model and make. The showerheads are called handsets in the Aqualisa lines, and are not cheap either. They start at about £53 and go over £100. You can also get replacement hoses, rail ends and even slider rails should you need these parts.

Bristan Thermostatic

As stated, Aqualisa is a luxury liner of power models that you may not be able to afford, so we suggest some other products like the Bristan Thermostatic Power Shower designs…. And specifically 1000 model is the most affordable one that retails for around £160 and offers a pump and temperature control. You cana lso get the next step up in the collection which is the 1500 model, and costs between $190 and about £230 depending on whether you choose matte chrome or plain white styles. The features of the Bristan Power Shower 1500 include a mixing valve as well as a pump, a sleek unit that can be surface mounted and good temp control with multi function settings that are adjustable. The Briston showers are all available online and you can try places like Home Supply UK for good prices.

Newteam Showerforce

There are a few less well-known makers of electric power shower models, like the ones crafted by a company called New Team. Their collection of Showerforce power shower designs offers UK homeowners a very reasonable alternative to the expensive units. For example the NT 1000 XT model (made by the Newteam power shower company) is retailing for under £140 and is available through online dealers in the Uk like the Tap Store. There are a few different designs in white r chrome finishes and the most expensive one in chrome is just £160. The prices we’ve mentioned include VAT and delivery within the UK.

Gainsborough Affordable Models

One final note: If you’re looking for cheap power showers, one of the companies that manufactures the least expensive showers of all types is Gainsborough. Perhaps because of the way the engines are engineered in all their compact units, they are sleek, well designed and affordable. The Diplomat is one of the Gainsborough power shower models to keep in mind. B&Q has them for just over £200.

A Little Extra Help

If you need information on other shower and bathroom items like shower panel ideas, shower base units in faux or cultured marble, bathroom light fixtures or even funky vessel sinks and vanity mirrors, check out our related topics. At Home Walk In Showers we do the research so you can quickly and easily find all the products you need to enjoy your wetroom or walk in shower area.


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