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Create Custom Enclosures with DreamLine Shower Kits

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Create custom shower enclosures using DreamLine shower kits. Choose affordable acrylic models like the Sector design (model DL-6178-00) that includes a 36 inch shower tray and backwall for just $522.27.

1. DreamLine offers some unique and affordable shower kits that can be customized to suit your needs. One of the cheapest models is the Sector series of custom shower enclosures made from acrylic/ABS. The bottom tray, which is fiberglass reinforced, measures 36 inches, and the walls are 72 7/8 inches high. This unit fits into a corner but allows for trimming along the walls to fit specific spaces. Finish by adding a set of glass doors or leave the shower open.

This is just one of the cheap DreamLine shower kits that can be installed quickly and be customized to your specific needs. View other wall kits and shower trays in a variety of sizes and shapes – prices range from $600 to just over $1,000.

2. One of the more elegant choices in the DreamLine shower kits collections is the Infinity design, model DL-6091C-01FR, that includes the basic pieces required for a contemporary walk in shower – a 30 by 60 inch shower base (skid-proof tray) and a single sliding glass door (frosted for privacy) that comes with chrome finished trim, all for $657.09. The ¼ inch tempered glass doors measure between 56 – 60 inches and are 72 inches high. These are versatile because they can be reversed to offer a right or a left opening.

Using the base and glass doors, create several styles of custom shower enclosures by choosing sleek modern tile (such as the black ones pictured) or a natural backwalll using stone or accented with cedar or teak.

The beauty of buying a shower kit is that you have the basic elements required while still retaining the flexibility of design – add a modern console with massage jets; go with a minimalist style, or add vibrant colored tile or natural stone.

3. Dreamline has a variety of sizes and shapes in similar shower kits that are affordable and versatile for transforming into almost any decor idea you may have.

Consider a third option in the DreamLine custom shower enclosure collections called the Charisma, model DL-6936C-01CL, which offers shower doors and a base measuring 36 by 60 inches and doors that are 72 inches in height. The Charisma unit is not a corner shower. It costs $887.67 and can be ordered online.

Take a look at the image of how the Charisma kit looks without any tile or decoration interfering. The sketch outlines how simple and practical the pieces are, and how much customization you can add with tile, stone, wood or just the existing walls sealed with a water-resistant paint.

4. Need more inspiration? Lok at this sleek design of the DreamLine Neo Shower Enclosure that’s depicted with a contemporary shower console unit including massage jets and an overhead rainfall showerhead. See how easily this unit can be installed and customized in many ways using the basic shower base, which measures 41 inches, plus glass doors. Add an acrylic backwall panel kit and create a complete enclosure that’s water-tight. See how to do this and get the pieces required for $1,215.27.

Order the Neo Shower Enclosure or other shower kits online and get started customizing your enclosure.

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Discover how affordable it is to add steam showers to home bathrooms for a spa-like atmosphere, and choose wood accents like a teak shower bench and/or floor mats, to give your shower a natural touch.

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Custom Shower Enclosures Recommended in this Post:

1. Dreamline SECTOR Shower Kit (Model DL-6178-00) with fiberglass reinforced acrylic corner tray and backwalls Price: $522.27 (Ships from Main Faucet)

2. DreamLine INFINITY Shower Kit (Model DL-6091C-01FR) with glass shower doors and 30 by 60 inch shower tray / base (Ships from Lux Stores)

3. DreamLine CHARISMA Shower Door and Base Kit (Model DL-6936C-01CL) (Ships from Lux Stores)

4. DreamLine NEO Shower Enclosure (Model DL-6151-01CL) 41 inch base, acrylic backwall kit and chrome finished glass doors (ships from Lux Stores)

Affordable Kohler Shower Doors

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

Authentic Kohler Eurostyle frameless bypass shower doors with ¼ inch tempered clear crystal glass – $296 to $348.19 (includes free US shipping).

Here are some of the best deals on Kohler Doors for shower enclosures:

  1. Order the Kohler Fluence K702206-L-MX shower doors online and create your own enclosure quickly and affordably. The dimensions are 59 5/8 inches (width and length) by 70 5/16 inches in height. The bypass doors glide smoothly to open and close effortlessly.
  2. Order the same design of Eurostyle Kohler glass shower doors (Fluence) but slightly smaller, measuring 58.31 inches (width and length) by 59.63 inches in height.

    This model comes in the bright polished silver finish and costs only $296. Choose Kohler product K-702204-L-SHP Bypass Shower Door. This is an excellent buy while supplies last.

    (Please note that while this set of glass doors is available for less from some other dealers, shipping charges are added (over $100 in most cases), therefore the free US shipping makes this the cheapest Kohler Fluence model available.)

  3. KOHLER K-702400-L-SH Fluence Frameless Pivot Shower Door, Bright Silver
  4. Kohler pivot style glass shower doors in the same frameless Fluence design (model K-702400-L-SH) with a bright silver finish are also available. The dimensions are 28 and 3/4 inches by 30 and ¼ inches and 65 and ½ inches in height. The glass doors are clear made from ¼ inch tempered glass and can be installed so as to open from the right or the left. The pivot is achieved with a concealed hinge that offers a stable and smooth pivot point with all hardware being rust-proof stainless steel.
  5. Choose the Purist design, in the glass pivot shower doors by Kohler, but with different dimensions, such as 36 by 39 (length x width) and 72 inch heights. Select the model number K-702010-L-SH, with the clear glass and bright silver finish for $553, which includes free shipping within the United States.

Designing walk in showers and installing glass doors

The simplest way to create practical walk in showers in almost any bathroom is to separate the shower area from the rest of bathroom with nothing more than glass doors. Although it’s not essential to use doors at all, if the space is small, a wet room may be less practical and therefore bypass doors or a pivot design will help stop splashing.

Most of the glass shower doors sold online can be installed without calling in an expert. Aside from a handyman or handy-woman, the basic tools that’ll be required are a drill with a Philips screwdriver head, a level, a file, a hammer, a measuring tape, a miter box is also a good idea to have for guiding the saw to make precise cuts (oh and you’ll need a saw. Have on hand some masking tape and a center punch to mark the points to be drilled, and don’t forget lots of silicone caulking.

With that you can get started installing your glass shower doors. Here’s a look at how to install glass doors in a custom designed shower enclosure. Watch how At Home host Jeff Wilson installs a set of doors in this video:

Buildipedia DIY – How to Install a Shower Door

Even if this isn’t the exact set of doors you’re buying and will be installing, the bathroom design, the tiles, the textures in the room, how the glass accents an otherwise earthy, natural theme, as well as other features such as the blending of tile colors and textures, are all interesting to see in this small shower area.

If after watching Jeff Wilson at work, you feel inspired to do your own shower door installation, go ahead, but don’t feel bad if you have call for some expert assistance.

Why buy Kohler doors?

Kohler offers quality items from their 50 manufacturers that specialize in bathroom products. During the past 15 years Kohler has not only offered the public top plumbing fixtures and shower / bath enclosures but has also been chosen to equip thousands of baths and showers in homes made by Habitat for Humanity. Kohler stands behind its products and offers prices that homeowners can afford.

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Showers Doors Recommended in this Post:

1. KOHLER K-702206-L-MX Fluence Bypass Shower Door / Matte Nickel

2. KOHLER K-702204-L-SHP Fluence Bypass Shower Door / Polished Silver

3. KOHLER K-702400-L-SH Fluence Pivot Shower Door / Bright Silver

4. KOHLER K-702010-L-SH Purist Pivot Shower Door / Clear Glass / Silver