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The Ultimate Teak Shower Bench Designs by TeakStation

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

The ultimate teak shower bench is made of solid teak wood with rust-proof stainless steel accents – resistant to humidity and dampness – with secure legs and slip-proof feet that can be adjusted for showers floors that slope: $189.99

TeakStation’s Teak Shower Bench Designs

The design is unique – crafted specifically for use in areas that will be wet or humid most of the time. It’s also comfy because unlike many wooden benches, this piece features an ergonomically curved seat for maximum comfort.

Since teak products are not always ethically sourced, it’s great to find items that have been crafted using wood from sustainable sources while still using premium grade Indonesian teak. This is assured because TeakStation creates and ships their own products so there’s no third party quality or service interference.

This teak shower bench is designed with practical applications in mind. For example, it isn’t just a place to sit. It also has a shelf with a stainless steel rack that holds bath products. Ideal for gel, shampoo or soap within the shower area (even when sprayed won’t slip off the shelf), or set off to the side, to hold towels and other dry accessories. The bench itself has two stainless steel handles, and best of all, the tips of legs can be adjusted to provide a level seat even if the shower floor is slanted (which most are) toward the center drain. This teak shower bench can be ordered online and will arrive assembled.

Note: Teak benches can be used in the shower, around a pool, on a patio, in the garden or wherever wetness, humidity, rain, direct sun, or low temperatures with frost and ice may normally be an issue for wood. Teak isn’t damaged by the elements – not even water.

Teak Accented Walk In Shower Design

When it comes to walk in shower design, there are only a few affordable ways to add teak. Although it might be nice to have a teak floor or ceiling, it’s often not possible to do so and stay within budget. One option is to create the shower using affordable tiles and then add one or two teak mats. These are not regular floor mats, but wooden grids made of grade A teak that measure 2 feet wide by 1.5 feet in length and are raised off the ground by an inch. One or two of these teak mats can change a walk in shower design when placed inside or outside the wet area. Each mat costs $94.99, so they’re an affordable way to add natural teak to any bathroom.

Even an older style bathroom can be transformed into a spa-like wet room by making a few simple changes. Replace an ugly curtain with a glass bypass or pivot door, or remove all shower doors and leave the space open, then add teak floor mats, a teak shower bench or two, and wood corner stool or shelf and see how quickly everything has a different, lighter feeling.

Choose at least one corner bench or shelf that includes an accessory basket, and a regular sitting bench with stainless steel accents, and perhaps a mat. The corner shower seat / shelf (in teak) costs $229, so you can put one in each corner. The measurements are 26 by 19 inches / 17 inches high.

Now, take a look at how glamorous a walk in shower design can be with this Roman-style teak bathroom bench that’s 54 inches long (4.5 feet).

This single piece of teak furniture is all that’s required to transform any bathroom or shower area from drab to luxurious. The teak bench costs $379.99 (from TeakStation plus shipping) and the sunbrella cushion costs $89. What an affordable walk in shower design that’s fast, easy and offers elegant comfort.

The bench in the walk in shower design pictured above shows the unit placed outside of the wet area, however this isn’t essential. The bench can be used inside where you want to sit to have water cascading over your back, or as a place for ladies to shave their legs while showering. Water and moisture won’t harm teak, which is why it’s ideal for wood wet room furniture.

If you like the idea of the long bench in the shower area, but don’t have enough space to accommodate 4.5 feet, then here’s another walk in shower design suggestion that’s really practical:

Choose the 34 inch teak bench, which is pictured here in a garden setting, but in fact has been designed for use in a shower as well. This 2. 8 foot teak shower bench is priced at $219.99. (Sunbrella cushion $95)

All the products recommended for use in the wet rooms or walk in showers are solid teak, grade A quality, from sustainable forests in Indonesia, shipped by TeakStation.

Complete your walk in shower design with a shelf organizer that can be used inside the shower or anywhere in the bathroom / wet room. This three-shelf teak wood unit has stainless steel borders so items stay in place even if subjected to water from the shower. It measures 17.5 by 20.5 inches / 36 inches high = 3 feet tall.

Designing a natural wood wet room or shower area needn’t cost a fortune. Use teak accents like benches, floor mats, shelves and long / short seating units to give you the look you want for a lot less. Consider how to incorporate these simple suggestions into your bathroom and order the items you need online.

If these teak wood pieces have inspired you to want a simple natural, elegant shower design, then get more ideas on how to simplify your bathroom area by using bypass or pivot glass shower doors, or by adding a cabin unit designed for taking steam showers.

Create chic modern spa-like comfort in your own home by selecting top rated items, like grohe shower heads, contemporary chrome shower mixer taps / faucet sets, and find out about creating custom shower enclosures using convenient prefabricated shower kits. Discover how by browsing our expert Walk In Shower articles.

Invacare Shower Chairs

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

Invacare shower chairs, designed for seniors, individuals with disabilities or injuries, and postoperative patients who can’t stand-up to take a shower, with prices start at just $34.98 up to $59.99 for transfer benches. Buy Invacare shower chairs and benches online.

1. Invacare Model ISG102TFX – Sturdy, Affordable Shower Chairs

The most affordable Invacare shower chair is model ISG102TFX, which offers excellent support. It comes with a back that’s 17 ¼ inches high (which is removable). It’s a stable design that’s received top ratings for several reasons:

— It can hold weight of up to 315 lbs., and is easy to move due to the handles on either side of the seat. The seat itself is wide and comfortable (21 inches in width with a surface area of 12 ¾ inches).

— One of the best features of Invacare shower chairs is that they can be adjusted to various heights, from 16 1/8 inches (seat to floor) up to a maximum height of 22 inches.

— The stability of the chair in a wet shower area has been taken into account when engineering the sturdy aluminum legs that have a snap-button adjustment as well as crutch-style tips for skid-free steadiness.

— The ISG102TFX shower chair is one of the best for disabled individuals or those who have recently had a surgical procedure because although it’s strong and can support lots of weight, it’s easy to move and reposition wherever needed in a shower or bathroom area.

— Invacare stands behind its products, offering a 3 year warranty.

— It can be ordered online from Eva Medical Groups and get free US shipping.

2. Invacare I-Fit Shower Chair with Microban

The I-Fit shower chairs by Invacare cost about $10 more (than the above item) but have unique features that should be taken into account when choosing seating units:

— The chair measures 18 by 20 / 35.2 inches high and supports weight of up to 400 lbs.

— The legs are sturdy and can be adjusted.

— The construction of the chair is extremely robust, and although it’s slightly bulkier than the other models, it offers a wide surface on which to sit and a level of stability that seniors and injured patients will appreciate.

— One of the unique features of this Invacare shower chair is that the seat contains Microban – a substance that helps prevent the growth of bacteria so cleaning is easier. If a chair is left in the shower area, it will require cleaning, and although Microban doesn’t eliminate the need for periodic disinfection, it helps to reduce odor, stains, mildew and mold between cleanings.

— The I-Fit shower chair can be assembled without the need for tools, in fact it’s possible to snap all the pieces together with ease in just a few minutes.

Order online from Corydor and receive free shipping on US purchases.

3. Invacare Model INV9981 Folding Shower Chairs with back

Folding shower chairs are handy when spaces are shared with those who need a seat and those who don’t, or for post surgical patients who require temporary support.

These folding units are practical, but it must be noted that they only support up to 250 lbs of weight. If you need a heavy-duty model, it’s better not to choose a folding design, but go with one of the seating products suggested above. The folding seats by Invacare are recommended for temporary use or for having on hand when traveling.

— The seat is ergonomically designed and skid-free as well as having drainage holes for water to flow through while showering.

— The folding chair has a 12 inch backrest and a space to hold a handheld shower device.

— It’s crafted from rust-proof aluminum that’s been anodized for extra durability.

— The height is fixed at 17 ½ inches (from floor to seat) and when folded the measurements are 19 ¾ by 25 ½ inches. This is a lightweight model – 6 lbs., 8 ounces.

Order this folding shower seat online from Vitality Medical and receive shipping within the United States for about $9. Check product and shipping details in the secure shopping area.

4. Invacare Transfer Bench

For disabled or elderly patient care, basic shower chairs may not be wide enough for transferring positions or getting in and out of a walk in shower area. That’s why this sturdy, ergonomically shaped chair / bench is ideal.

— The backrest is removable, and there’s also a handy integrated soap dish / hand-held shower device holder so there’s no need to reach for anything.

— As with other Invacare shower chairs and benches, this unit is made from heavy-duty rust-proof aluminum with a skid-proof seat and crutch-style leg tips, and a built-in arm rail along one side. The unit can support weights up to 400 lbs., therefore it’s one of the most versatile shower seating products for seniors or disabled individuals.

Order the Invacare Shower Chair Transfer Bench through Medical For You and receive free shipping within the United States.

Choose other shower and bath accessories like grab bars and safety rails for under $10 and bathtub bars for about $23. Make shower and bath safety a priority by selecting products engineered specifically for the medical industry from Invacare.

Shower Suggestions for Those Caring for Seniors and Disabled Individuals:

Although it’s not always possible to redesign a bathroom or shower specifically to accommodate a disabled or elderly individual, (especially using specific therapeutic products like the Telluride Walk In Bath Tub Shower enclosure by Therapeutic Tubs, which costs over $5,000), in some cases homeowners who are building a bathroom or remodeling an existing one, will incorporate features that adapt to caring for those who have difficulty getting in and out of an ordinary shower or tub using more affordable items.

One way to create a practical design is to incorporate wet room or walk in shower ideas that don’t have doors (or only glass bypass or pivot doors) that don’t require using a raised platform or shower tray.

Wet room and walk in shower design needn’t have a clinical aspect if accented with teak shower bench units, or integrating specific elements found in custom shower enclosures.

Choose items that permit fluid movement while making use of high-tech shower kits and perhaps even steam showers for spa-like atmospheres, luxurious comfort and practicality.

For open style shower area concepts, see the beautiful accents from TeakStation, a source for sustainable Indonesian teak wood bath and shower products, including shower chairs and benches that double as shelves, and accessory storage units – inside the shower.

As an idea of what’s possible using other types of shower enclosures with modern glass, take a look at the Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure by Basco.

For more ideas on how to create bathrooms with steam showers, or how to add simple glass shower doors to a minimalist shower area, or learn how to get other unique teak shower benches to add to an existing shower (instead of a medical-type chair), browse related posts that provide tips and shopping suggestions for buying a variety of products even complete shower kits, shower mixer taps and practical accents at really affordable prices.