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Written by admin on May 14th, 2010

Oil Rubbed Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Polished Chrome, Wrought Iron, Ceramic, Antique Porcelain and Contemporary Pyrex Glass

Discount bathroom towel bars; brand name Kohler, Gatco, Baldwin, Murray Feiss and others; oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel and chrome finishes; porcelain, ceramic and tarnish free Pyrex glass designs – buy online, get what you want delivered to your door and save – at Home Walk in Showers we help you get wet, but also show you how to dry off in style!

The Little Things…

So you’ve built your wetroom or just had your shower enclosure delivered and installed. You’ve got a stack of soft, fluffy towels folded neatly on a shelf or in a funky wicker basket…..all you need now is a towel bar or two to complete your project.

You know that the final look and feel, and functionality, of your bathroom is ultimately determined by all the little things that don’t seem to mean much on their own, but when they come together are the soul of the room – the right vanity mirror, the most practical storage system, the small hooks on the back of the door, the shelves in the corners that save space, the lovely bathroom light fixtures you chose so carefully and the towel bars that are situated where you need them the most….aaahhh yes towel bars…Hmmmmm…

Will you place them ON or beside the shower door? Do you want a ring or a bar near the sink? Is there space for a heated rack to dry large bath towels? Should you choose a sleek chrome design or a translucent glass style, or perhaps porcelain or wrought iron? Must a towel bar set match the lighting fixtures? How much is left in your bathroom construction or renovation budget?

Yes, lots of questions, but that’s exactly what’s going through my head now that my bathroom is basically functional, but…..have no place to hang a towel….yes, I know….for anyone following the timeline of these bathroom renovation posts, you know it’s taken me a long time to get my bathroom to the point where there’s hot water AND electricity and light fixtures…..and now…all I need is a place to hang a wet towel…. So as I research what I want for my bathroom, I share with you what I discover …and….here’s the latest scoop on what’s hot in the world of …..

Bathroom Towel Bar Innovation

Contemporary Brushed Nickel, Heated Racks and Pyrex Glass

A Company called Sunrise Specialty is the main creator of the newest Pyrex glass towel bar. The rod is a glass tube, but the accents can be ordered in chrome, brass, polished or antique bronze, and even the contemporary brushed nickel finish. Choose the lengths you need from 18 to 39 inches, or mix and match to create a set. Prices range from about $73 for an 18 inch bar with tarnish free brass, chrome or nickel finishes (although the same size with oil rubbed bronze accents cost about $87) to the 30 inch brushed nickel finish that is priced at around $93.

Oddly enough, although they appear to be high-tech, and work great in sleek contemporary bathrooms, they are in fact considered vintage towel bar designs and are not all that easy to purchase online, However, a shop called Vintage Tub and Bath carries the Sunrise series and seem to have the best prices. There’s another shop called Fixture Universe, and while they have a really great selection of bath towel bar styles and good prices on most items, their 30 inch Pyrex glass rods, also made by Sunrise Specialty are priced at over $140,and the smaller 18 inch models are over $115.

Heated Towel Bar, Warmer Shelf, and Towel Dryer/Warmer

The term “heated towel BAR” is not accurate in many cases since they tend to be designed more like shelves or racks rather than a single rod or bar where you drape a towel after a shower. When you look for heated towel bars, you’ll find towel bar rods that are used in towel warmers, but the bar itself doesn’t get warm on it’s own in many cases.

However, we have found one affordable rack that’s made by Warmrails (Warm Rails….ha ha ha….nice name don’t you think?). It’s a dual position tower warmer and dryer, but what we like about it is the price. Just under $140, one of the cheapest designs on the market.

How does it work? Well, it’s quite simple. It has heated panels that adjust, vertical or horizontal, and when the panels are in the horizontal position, the organizer rack that’s above, works great as a place to store towels. Slip the panels into a vertical design and you can dry your towels faster.

By the way, there’s also a single bar at the top of the rack that’s heated. The entire unit is made of lightweight aluminum with a brushed nickel finish, comes with a power cord and an on/of switch, and the whole rack unit is about 35 inches high and just over 22 inches wide. The rack shelf depth is a good size for folded towels being almost 15 inches. You can order this item online at Vintage Tub and Bath and the price quoted includes delivery within the continental US and Canada.

The luxury bathroom towel bar that’s heated, and is a complete chrome storage rack made by Amba, is expensive. It’s 20 by 18 inches in size and is not adjustable, but is sturdy, made of stainless steel with a chrome finish, and it warms and dries towels with a temperature controlled thermostat. It’s a great looking rack and would be ideal in a spa style bathroom or a wet room, but it’s rather pricey at almost $640. If this item is within your budget, it’s available online through Vintage Bath and Tub.

For more affordable heated racks and bars, we recommend the Warmrails hand towel warmers for under $50 (there are also towel rings that are heated), and the more affordable Amba Jeeves collections that range in price from $245 to $500 and are a similar design as the deluxe one above, but simpler, with the rack that has 7 (or more, depending on the model) chrome bars that heat up. Try shopping at Décor Island for good prices and a wide selection of Amba Jeeves racks and bars.

Sleek, Contemporary Brushed Nickel Towel Bar By Kohler

We have to admit that we’re shocked to have to tell you that a simple brushed nickel towel bar is not a cheap commodity. Kohler makes the Purist designs that are sleek and clean-lined, no swirls, curls or accents, just a sturdy brass rod that’s finished in such a way as to be scratch resistant, none corrosive and tarnish-free…. But the 18 inch bar costs $144 and the 30 inch one costs over $200.

We agree that Kohler makes top quality products, but if you need something more affordable in a similar contemporary look, we suggest you try Banner products, especially the Castille Collection in the 2000 series. You’ll find they have solid brass rods with chrome and brushed nickel finishes. A 24 inch design will only cost about $42. Save more and choose the chrome model for just under $30. You can buy these discount towel bars through Vintage Tub and Bath.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Towel Bar By Gatco

We’re really impressed with Gatco products that offer quality, great designs and low prices. Between $42 and $47 you can choose some of the richest oil rubbed finishes in a variety of rod lengths from the delightful Marina Collection. Use these in rustic bathroom designs that have wood or stone, or as accents in an antique theme.

For $49 to about $54, you can select some of the elegant double towel bar styles, also by Gatco, but in the Tiara Collection. In this series of double towel bars you’re not limited to oil rubbed bronze but can also order a custom finish like satin nickel, chrome or polished brass. They’re 24 inches long and made from ¾ inch tubing. Double bars are ideal if you have limited wall space for mounting multiple racks or bars, but they also can be a means to display towels that accent your space, giving either a splash of color or an air of elegance to what otherwise would be a blank wall.

Wrought Iron, Antique Porcelain and Ceramic Towel Bar Designs

Strom Plumbing has a series of gorgeous fluted porcelain items in their antique towel bar collection, and they are really reasonably priced when purchased through Vintage Tub and Bath, from around $48 for rings to around $70 for a bar, and accessories and complete decorative, matching, bathroom sets starting at just $28. The rod or bars themselves are coated brass but the wall mounts and accents are white porcelain.

Moen has a collection of very cheap, basic ceramic towel bars in white in their Porcelana collection, however, although they look like ceramic or porcelain, the bar is just coated aluminum, which is why they are so affordable. The cost is about $10 for a 24 inch bar. They’re good if you wish to mount something light onto a white ceramic tile wall and maintain the continuity of the glossy white, clean look, of the tile.

Liberty Hardware also makes a similar version called the Ceram Towel Bar which is retailing for about $18, but it’s unclear what it’s made of. The idea is that it blends with ceramic and porcelain, is white like the tile, and can be mounted in a way that camouflages the bar if it’s not intended to be a design feature or an accent that’s decorative.

With very little doubt, we can assure you that the white so called porcelain or ceramic bars that cost $10 to $20 are wood or aluminum coated in something to make look like ceramic, because the genuine, brass accented, antique porcelain bars from manufacturers like Circa, sold through Designer Plumbing, cost over $150 for a single 24 inch piece.

Even in the porcelain and antique ceramic department, Gatco continues to be an impressive manufacturer of great designs at really affordable prices. For example the Franciscan Ceramic Towel Bar features porcelain wall mounts, although the bar itself is polished metal.

Home Click, another great little online shop, has some beautiful, rustic wrought iron towel bar designs by Creative Specialties International. There have single and double towel bar designs to choose from, really cheap, starting at just over $21 for an 18 inch bar and about $23 for a 24 inch one. The double bars are around $35 and are finished in a matte black coating. The bars themselves are twisted wrought iron and the ends are very decorative and come in several curled or sculpted shapes. We recommend all the racks and bars in the Sienna collection, especially as accents in country or rustic themed bathrooms that incorporate stone, wood, natural or handmade tile or even copper vessel sinks, or granite stone basins.

Murray Feiss and Baldwin Towel Bar Collections

The Baldwin towel bar collections are extensive, and are priced reasonably at between $40 and $150, even for double bars. They have chrome, brass, contemporary and antique styles to choose in the lines like the Egdewater, Laguna, Stratford, Avalon and Mystic. In the Laguna collection there’s a nickel and pewter combination that’s one of the more unique items made by Baldwin, and is priced just under $40 for a 24 inch design. They are available online at places like eFaucets and Plumber Surplus as well as Lighting Showplace, but prices don’t vary too much.

If you’d like to purchased your bathroom light fixtures to match your other bathroom accessories, then Murray Feiss towel bar designs may be the ones to choose because you can get almost everything for a bathroom in the same style. The products are elegant, well made and affordable in unique collections like Crisp Chrome, Modern Country, Nouveau, Perfect Pewter, Peruvian Bronze, San Remo, the Murray Feiss Signature Series, and the Tuscan Villa line.

A favorite design we love to recommend is the heavy rustic Peruvian Bronze collection and the delicate, Italian country classic items in the Tuscan Villa series…..which are cheaper than you might think…for example, an 18 towel bar costs just under $50.

Bathroom Design and Décor Tips From Home Walk In Showers

If you would appreciate more information on where to get bathroom sets and light fixtures that match towel racks and vanities, or where to get the best bathroom storage units and shelves; or if you need to know what’s available in vanity mirrors for the bath, please choose another of our related topics.

If you’re still building or planning your bathroom, be it a walk in shower, large open wet room or a compact shower enclosure in a basement, please use our free tips and advice on how to plan, where to buy showerheads and electric shower units, how to choose contemporary enclosures, shower doors, and even how to accent your bathroom with practical vessel sinks in glass, stone and copper. We bring you the information you need to plan your space – creating it is up to you.

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