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A bathroom must be tidy and hygienic in the first place. People do possess different tastes in terms of bathroom designs. It is not always mandatory to have functional designing as an integral part of decor especially when you put more emphasis on the cozy atmosphere for great bubble baths. In the case of designing a bathroom, we have a dive in the pool of royal bathroom ideas for creating relaxation equivalent to the spa level. When you think of smartening up your master bath the very first thing that excites the brain is renovation. There are various kinds of decor options that can help you in giving serious bathroom goals. A bathroom can be contemporary and elegant however it can be sleek and extensively stylish as well.


Hygiene is one of the essential needs of a bathroom. Decor does stand on the necessity door after tidiness. There are several options for decor depending on your taste. Some of the option mentioned below are placed on the topmost criteria of decor:

  1. Get a copper tub: a tub does give an elegant and spacious look to a bathroom. However, giving a contemporary touch does require a slight vintage polish. Copper tub is best fitting to the requirement. Your bathroom does look a slight on the fancy edge.
  2. Stick to one color: mono-color makes the decision easy. If you have any color sorted you can use it in the framework of your bathroom. Using a single color does provide a spacious look.
  3. Strengthen your architectural infrastructure: the usage of archways give a stylish touch to your bathrooms. The Mediterranean tiles have an eye-catching effect enhancing the regularity of the bathrooms. The architectural thought used behind the designing is unique giving a shuttle effect on the eyes.


 There are various sleek home bathroom designs. Rising from contemporary, extremely urban to shuttle Spanish style everything is in vogue. There are some highlighting points to remember while focussing on bathrooms.

  1. Adieu to the mirror:

The mirror is a must need an element of a bathroom. However, modification is an integral part of styling. Instead of the cliché use of the mirror above the sink, sticking to an artwork does add an extra point to the uniqueness. Using an elevated area for keeping hand soap ad lotion with a slim pendant light above the sink gives an edgy urban look.

  • Use of natural materials;

Exposing the natural element in the bathroom provides an edgy look to the bathrooms. Materials such as colorful stones or brick texture synchronized by fancy colorful soaps and faucets make your bathrooms a highlighted part of your room.

There is no such area of a home where decor cannot be channelized. Right from the drawing-room to the bathroom comes under the canvas of the architect. Space is one of the essential factors of the bathroom. There are ways and styling hacks making your small bathrooms look spacious and well-groomed. Picking out the uniqueness among the boring does enhance your bathroom features in the very best way possible.