Announcement: Walk in Showers Designed for Two

Written by admin on August 17th, 2009

I love to sit and soak in my tub when it’s cold in the winter and on weekends when I have a little more time. And like most women, I love to put bubbles in the bath, light some candles and relax with a glass of wine and good music when no one is home. But on hot days I prefer a cool shower, and when I awaken all groggy and sluggish but have to leave quickly for work, a shower wakes me up but gets me moving.

I also love to shower with my husband because he scrubs my back. The problem with showering with a partner is that few home showers are big enough. Someone ends up shivering in the corner while the other hogs the water, or if it’s a shower over a bathtub, I usually end up being the one who slips.

Walk In Shower For 2

Walk In Shower For Two

So, when my husband and I began planning our house renovation here in Spain we unanimously agreed on two things. 1. We must have a bathtub AND a shower. 2. The shower must be one of the walk in showers designed for two.

Because we were creating two areas, one for bathing and one for showering, we needed to keep the costs down. We wanted cheap walk in showers without them looking cheap. We wanted natural materials and a little glass, but most importantly good drainage because the shower was to be in the basement and we didn’t want water to collect and create mold.

Here are some things we discovered.

Plan the area well by going to the space you have selected for the walk in shower. You and partner should move around in the area to be sure you have selected a big enough space. Remember that a corner can be ideal and still save space.

Once you know the space is adequate in size, consult a plumber to be sure the drainage is near enough and will flow out well. The most annoying thing about showers is that the water doesn’t go down fast enough and you end up standing in ankle deep water that spills beyond the tray or shower area and takes a long time to dry. There are several ways to avoid this.

1. A walk in shower wet room. For those of you not familiar with a wet room, it is a an entire room that doesn’t matter if it’s wet all over because there are several drains in the floor, not just immediately under the shower, but in strategic places like corners or low areas where water may otherwise accumulate. The entire room is tiled or has stone or wood from top to bottom that is appropriately treated and water-resistant so it doesn’t matter if water splashes everywhere. It’s great for two or more because there are many nozzles or showerheads or hoses with sprayers so no one need stand shivering in a corner. Wet rooms are great for families with children or fun for couples.

2. A tray is a molded plastic (or similar material) unit that is installed on the floor under the shower. Since they are quite deep and beveled toward the centre, they catch the water and it flows down the drain, usually without overflowing. The small inexpensive trays are often not adequate for the amount of water and may overflow. They also may crack or break which may cause other flooring and plumbing problems later. Use a large enough tray, select a strong material and don’t jump in the shower.

3. A walk in shower enclosure is a type of shower that is spacious yet doesn’t permit water outside the enclosed area. The newest models that are prefabricated come sealed and are watertight. They are modular units that have a floor, back and usually transparent doors of glass or plexi and also have the showerheads and taps and all controls preinstalled. There are small models for one or styles that are spacious enough for two or more.

4. A tray and a built up second level is a third option that helps with drainage problems that sometimes occur with just a tray alone. This technique involves building up a walk in shower onto a platform so that below the platform there is room for a tray and the normal drainage system. Where you stand can be made of anything, usually it is treated wood, stone or tile. Its advantages are that you needn’t create a entire wet room out of stone or tile, just the area that is elevated, but the water ends up lower and so it doesn’t overfill and spill out as easily.

My husband I decided on a walk in shower wet room with stone tile from top to bottom and two shower heads. We also included a wooden bench and an area with small pebbles to massage our feet. Our walk in shower was left without an enclosure except for a large sheet of glass known as bespoke shower doors that actually was hung at the entrance to the entire wet room. I keep towels in baskets just outside the door beside a small sofa that’s great for relaxing on after showers.

It doesn’t matter if you choose a walk in shower cubical or a walk in shower enclosure or a stall; just remember to design your walk in shower big enough for TWO.


The Ultimate Teak Shower Bench Designs by TeakStation

Written by admin on June 9th, 2011

The ultimate teak shower bench is made of solid teak wood with rust-proof stainless steel accents – resistant to humidity and dampness – with secure legs and slip-proof feet that can be adjusted for showers floors that slope: $189.99

TeakStation’s Teak Shower Bench Designs

The design is unique – crafted specifically for use in areas that will be wet or humid most of the time. It’s also comfy because unlike many wooden benches, this piece features an ergonomically curved seat for maximum comfort.

Since teak products are not always ethically sourced, it’s great to find items that have been crafted using wood from sustainable sources while still using premium grade Indonesian teak. This is assured because TeakStation creates and ships their own products so there’s no third party quality or service interference.

This teak shower bench is designed with practical applications in mind. For example, it isn’t just a place to sit. It also has a shelf with a stainless steel rack that holds bath products. Ideal for gel, shampoo or soap within the shower area (even when sprayed won’t slip off the shelf), or set off to the side, to hold towels and other dry accessories. The bench itself has two stainless steel handles, and best of all, the tips of legs can be adjusted to provide a level seat even if the shower floor is slanted (which most are) toward the center drain. This teak shower bench can be ordered online and will arrive assembled.

Note: Teak benches can be used in the shower, around a pool, on a patio, in the garden or wherever wetness, humidity, rain, direct sun, or low temperatures with frost and ice may normally be an issue for wood. Teak isn’t damaged by the elements – not even water.

Teak Accented Walk In Shower Design

When it comes to walk in shower design, there are only a few affordable ways to add teak. Although it might be nice to have a teak floor or ceiling, it’s often not possible to do so and stay within budget. One option is to create the shower using affordable tiles and then add one or two teak mats. These are not regular floor mats, but wooden grids made of grade A teak that measure 2 feet wide by 1.5 feet in length and are raised off the ground by an inch. One or two of these teak mats can change a walk in shower design when placed inside or outside the wet area. Each mat costs $94.99, so they’re an affordable way to add natural teak to any bathroom.

Even an older style bathroom can be transformed into a spa-like wet room by making a few simple changes. Replace an ugly curtain with a glass bypass or pivot door, or remove all shower doors and leave the space open, then add teak floor mats, a teak shower bench or two, and wood corner stool or shelf and see how quickly everything has a different, lighter feeling.

Choose at least one corner bench or shelf that includes an accessory basket, and a regular sitting bench with stainless steel accents, and perhaps a mat. The corner shower seat / shelf (in teak) costs $229, so you can put one in each corner. The measurements are 26 by 19 inches / 17 inches high.

Now, take a look at how glamorous a walk in shower design can be with this Roman-style teak bathroom bench that’s 54 inches long (4.5 feet).

This single piece of teak furniture is all that’s required to transform any bathroom or shower area from drab to luxurious. The teak bench costs $379.99 (from TeakStation plus shipping) and the sunbrella cushion costs $89. What an affordable walk in shower design that’s fast, easy and offers elegant comfort.

The bench in the walk in shower design pictured above shows the unit placed outside of the wet area, however this isn’t essential. The bench can be used inside where you want to sit to have water cascading over your back, or as a place for ladies to shave their legs while showering. Water and moisture won’t harm teak, which is why it’s ideal for wood wet room furniture.

If you like the idea of the long bench in the shower area, but don’t have enough space to accommodate 4.5 feet, then here’s another walk in shower design suggestion that’s really practical:

Choose the 34 inch teak bench, which is pictured here in a garden setting, but in fact has been designed for use in a shower as well. This 2. 8 foot teak shower bench is priced at $219.99. (Sunbrella cushion $95)

All the products recommended for use in the wet rooms or walk in showers are solid teak, grade A quality, from sustainable forests in Indonesia, shipped by TeakStation.

Complete your walk in shower design with a shelf organizer that can be used inside the shower or anywhere in the bathroom / wet room. This three-shelf teak wood unit has stainless steel borders so items stay in place even if subjected to water from the shower. It measures 17.5 by 20.5 inches / 36 inches high = 3 feet tall.

Designing a natural wood wet room or shower area needn’t cost a fortune. Use teak accents like benches, floor mats, shelves and long / short seating units to give you the look you want for a lot less. Consider how to incorporate these simple suggestions into your bathroom and order the items you need online.

If these teak wood pieces have inspired you to want a simple natural, elegant shower design, then get more ideas on how to simplify your bathroom area by using bypass or pivot glass shower doors, or by adding a cabin unit designed for taking steam showers.

Create chic modern spa-like comfort in your own home by selecting top rated items, like grohe shower heads, contemporary chrome shower mixer taps / faucet sets, and find out about creating custom shower enclosures using convenient prefabricated shower kits. Discover how by browsing our expert Walk In Shower articles.